Our Mission Statement

The Church of the Good Shepherd is called to be a Christ-centered family. We invite and welcome all people to this holy house to grow with us in faith, peace, and love.


Our wonderful tradition of the Church Newsletter has been renewed! For the latest news, events and happenings in our congregation please click the link below to view the Newsletter! We are very proud of our family and love to show their accomplishments off to the world!

Worship Service

Holy Eucharist Sunday 10:00 am and Sunday School 10:00 am (September thru June)
- We are saddened to say thatFr. David Angelica has officially retired and moved to Florida. The love and light he shared with us will shine in our hearts and prayers forever. We thank him deeply for his wonderful service! We are however glad to welcome back the Reverend Canon Charles Morris and Marshal and Victoria Hunt. They will be our interim ministers.

We would also like to acknowledge our new Senior Warden, Bob Hardy and our new Junior Warden, Deborah Roderick for their continual hard work and determination. We also have fantastic new vestry members.

We invite you to worship with us each Sunday at 10 a.m. We are a Eucharistic-centered parish, celebrating the Holy Eucharist (The Mass), using the contemporary Rite II. We welcome all people to worship with us each Sunday. Our music is taken from the 1982 Hymnal and our Praise Music from ďSongs for WorshipĒ, a special volume put together for our parish use. We hope to see you next Sunday!


Oxford Book Haven and Cafe'

The cafe is open on Saturdays from 9-1. We have a very large selection of books to read or buy -- most are $.50. All books are categorized and all fiction are alphabetized.

We have everything from cookbooks to new fiction, thrillers, mysteries, non-fiction, biographies, sports, hobbies, etc.
We also sell coffee, soft drinks and desserts for you to enjoy while browsing or socializing. You can also help with our ongoing puzzle; or join in a game of Scrabble. chess, or checkers!

Thanks to a Grant, we just recently installed new computers and enabled WiFi connect-ability. Feel free to come by and use the computer or bring your tablet!


"Answering Godís urgent call. Together. God calls everyone. Me? Yes. You. Young, old. Rich, poor. Gay, straight. Single, married. City dweller, suburbanite. No matter your race, ethnicity or language. Godís call is for everyone. You are Godís hands and feet, Godís heart and voice in the world. The Episcopal Church helps us, whoever we are, as we are, to hear Godís call for each of us and to answer it in our daily lives, through prayer, through service to others, through our generosity and through all the ways we show our love for Godís world and Godís people."

For more information about the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, please visit www.diomass.org